Tuomo Lampinen

Tuomo Lampinen (born 1985) is a Helsinki-dwelling young photographer, who has worked in the graphical sector increasingly since 1998. Learning the basics of photography and retouching from his freelance photographer and reproduction specialist father, he got the spark to capture his own vision.

Lampinen is a deep aficionado of fine cuisine, cool high-tech gadgets, good movies and groovy music. He has a vivid understanding of the digital life, and a thumb to the pulse of Helsinki. He is continuously gathering knowledge about the game from all sources, and in the meantime deepening his foray into advertising photography.


Pälkäneentie 13 a 1

00510 Helsinki

+358 46 5296906


Selected works
Angelina Micu 2
Angelina Micu 2
Angelina Micu 2

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